Need for Speed Carbon 64 Bit free download


Need for Speed Carbon 64 Bit free download

Need for Speed Carbon

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Need for Speed ​​widely regarded as one of the best racing series ever made and Need for Speed ​​Carbon does not disappoint, with stunning style and realism.

Need for Speed ​​Carbon is a fast and fun racing game that city and canyon racing meeting environment. But be careful downloads are very large and you have to let the installation happen for a good 5 minutes, but when you consider jySodoendethat it is worth.

Chevy Camaro SS, Lamborghini Gallardo and MitsubishiLancer Evolution IX – in Need for Speed ​​Carbon iniDemo, you can adapt three main cars. So you are bound, you race against three other team mates against 4 Scorpion cars. There are a large number of G-Force stationed in the car while maintaining the corner and you will find yourself driving a lot. But this is how the eye in Need for Speed ​​Carbon jyverdien – more, morepoints. But it is almost impossible to beat the lead Scorpion car – they jugaSialan fast and error to melihatKeluar of the game for good.

A great racing game that is definitely good even Need for Speed ​​Carbon can be quite challenging, you can not give easily.

Need for Speed ​​Rivals offer nvolle street fighting action of the player. Players thunder through the streets of the fictional city junkies Redview County as fast or enforcementlaw – to offer the opportunity to the player to switch between both parties law, which karirDan stairs unlock new cars and technical toys.

kepadaTerima love to race action on two screens

Need Speed ​​Rivals, there are only two types of riders: hunters and gejag.Aan both sides of the law, awesomecareer notch players.

Players race racing machine that is not exotic, competing with others in illegal street racing, doing gameagainst the clock or run away from the police patrol continuously. Every time you open a game you can challenge another driver nation in the world game.
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This also applies to other human players in a public meeting atauSatu personal race between friends. Online mode behoeftesen offline Speed ​​Rivals will run smoothly.

Racers go full speed!

Rewards in the game need for speed rivals such as Speed ​​Points (SP).
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The longer youkeeping your family, the higher the multiplier, and more points can be solved. If you do not get your tosafety on time, you can never lose them.

if you lose the race home with empty hands. The same thing happens when you let yourself get caught denganpolis or if the vehicle is destroyed. If you lose against a human player, the winner gets points. Therefore, players carefully consider if they want toquickly rush to get a high multiplier, or as superior to express their views.

Vehicles can only be opened by the driver with a trip through the ranks to win the race aantaldie. MobilKemudian must be purchased using points Speed. The same points will be used to enable the machine to increase the operating ataumewujudkan visual accents – such as colors, paints or adhesives race.

police had to turn the bat ram

police hunt for driversthe need for speed Rivals certainly not dangerous. They also have access to a fleet of patrol motors.In Unlike managers, they do not want to buy a new car. They are immediately available as soon as dipersyaratkantercapai priority. However, the car is made.

Police Speed ​​Points to pursue success. paksiAlternatif, seek to target a race against time – and do not affect the way the border, or to another vehicle. If not, there are penaltiestime.

jagteren hunted relying on technology

To effectively fight against street gangs, police lines, jammers, roadblocks and helicopters. Driver reaction keseluruhanPembawa all of them are hired guns, or they can burn tube and allow the police to put him in the dust. There are limits on both sides: You have a knack for each vehicle sold teknikaluntuk and you can not exceed two suits at a time. During Needfor Speed ​​Rivals,he continued robust equipment and arms for other tools.

the second screen

With the free app you can follow the Need for Speed ​​Rivals pounds iPhone, iPod or iPad, set waypoints, girlfriends and children of mereka.Dalam challenge or challenges you can start with a smaller mini-games in this app. While all this is good thing for verloorwys second screen for their real loading delays.

Akawalan great arcade style

In terms of control, Need for Speed ​​Rivalsonly to make small changes compared with the Wanted and Hot Pursuit. Arcade Racer more emphasis on reform rather than the realism of the simulation. Tires screeching scream when you pass the hairpin bend, menggunakanRem hand the progress needed to krykant.

If necessary, you can manage everything with the keyboard, but you need to change the default key assignments. It is better to play Need for SpeedRivals with a gamepad, though, that the movementthefine reflect faster steering.

Managers who headed home, at least in the early stages of the game, and not relax and take leave players (selfsna several accidents). Instead, virtual dibumbuiDriver not caught so quickly.

beautiful graphics and music live, but multi-inefficient

Visually, Need for Speed ​​Rivals certainly not deprived. Cars directly from the minutes of zinc – up to those involvedin the collision. damage model showed injurygreat on the body. for permanent vernietigvoertuig requires some effort.

See also offered. Redview County mixture bagusDaerah mountains, cities, forests and deserts. Rain, ice and fallen leaves, and the change between day and night visual range is excellent.

Need for Speed ​​Rivals music and sound effects are powerful two touch better. professional voice artist spoke swat responsible for proper dialogue.

inconclusive, however, server performanceonline. The delay caused a surge in illegal vehicles other players, sometimes-kadangKeluar out of nowhere and can not see the whole track.

Conclusion: sturdy racing action!

Need for Speed ​​Rivals is almost the same as the previous two versions (Hot Pursuit and Most Wanted 2). Some people might say it’s a bit boring – but it is not so. Compressing the essence of the game to compete on the exciting racing action, matching arkedpengendalian, excellent graphics andfunky songs.

Added to this is the very baikSistem difference between online content and online Need for Speed ​​Rivals fade. Instead, vertragingin multiplayer game annoying to establish a good image to be strange before and activate the player’s desire for a more powerful server.

Personally, Id still like to see a challenge between friends, as inBurnout Paradise – it would make a perfect game.


Need for Speed Carbon
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