AdiIRC 2 4 x86 x64 free download


AdiIRC 2 4 x86 x64 free download

AdiIRC 2 4

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When you communicate through IRC, need for a client, they are now sufficient, but in this article I want to tell you about AdiIRC. The customer comes to servers and support for working with plug-ins that can greatly improve a standard feature. After downloading and faster installation program to run in front of us there with the details in the right pane is to connect to a server, you can do wszystkotak leave as it is, and you can change thesvoynik, select one of the available servers and connection port.

card number, the program AdiIRC not only communicate with users on the server, but you can also share files with them, thanks to the support DDC. If you want, you can immediately open multiple servers, and then switch between them as Togglezwischen bookmarks in your browser. The customer has a large number of servers created for komunikowaniaMożna add your own if necessary to add.

Ifyou are already familiar with this type of program if he will be able to with no problem. You can configure the client to switch the channel automatically, if there was a communication gap, you can set different alarm sounds at the event.

I note that the program is not the best AdiIRC known among his peers, but that does not mean anything, believe me, settings and all of the chips so tutajwięc recommend it to work with the IRC, fürzumindest, it can only experience and alreadymake your own conclusions. Thanks to the integrated server, not shukatsih can start talking right away, and you can add your own, I wrote about above, if necessary, simply decided to again.

Incidentally, I forgot to write, do not be afraid screenshots, I know they are in English, in fact, the language rosyjskiWsparcie, but consider that it is not so easy to do this, go to Settings, and then click in the main window on the tool icon you need to select the tabGeneral – in the lower right corner to the right you can change the language changed after the restart, and getatak much better all good luck!

AdiIRC 2 4
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